As summer comes around we want to take our beloved furry friends everywhere with us, rather it’s a trip to your local store or a quick walk around the park. Getting adequate exercise is very important for our pets, but you should be very careful as the temperatures start rising. Concrete and asphalt can get 20-50° hotter than the temperature outside.

When we walk around in these hotter conditions we have shoes that protect our feet but our animals do not. Walking around unprotected from the heat can cause discomfort, blisters, and burns. Younger pups are even more susceptible to these conditions as their paws are more sensitive. To check and see if the ground is too hot for your pet you can place your hand on the ground for approximately 10 seconds. If its too hot for your hand than its too hot for your four-legged family member.

If your dog does experience blistering or burns on their paw pads, please call us at 636-447-4555 to be treated immediately.

Ground temperature is not the only thing you need to watch out for on these hot summer days, dehydration and heat stroke are serious concerns that can happen to your pet. When playing with your pup at the park or taking that lap around the lake, make sure you have adequate water with you and offer it multiple times. Keeping your pet hydrated is key to overall summer safety. Try not to be outside too long or overwork your fur baby in the summer to minimize the chances of heat stroke.

Some symptoms to look out for are uncontrolled panting, nausea and vomiting, excess saliva, limited movement, excessively seeking shade. If you believe your pet is experiencing heat stroke, please seek veterinary care or call us immediately as 636-447-4555.

Stay cool and most importantly stay SAFE this summer!